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Hey! Thank you for visiting our blog. Along with Facebook, this is where we’ll be sharing info about the ministry, remaining in contact, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What I’d like to say is the general background of FCYM. This is a youth ministry for grades 5 – 12, and young adults. Grades 5-8 are every Tuesday at 5:45pm – 7:15pm, grades 9 – 12 and young adults are every Wednesday at 5:45pm – 7:15pm. This all started with 2 cousins who received a calling from God to make a difference in York county, and even beyond.  We believe that God is the one and only true living God.  We also firmly believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who’s Gospel we proclaim so that all who hear it may find Christ in them, and who they are in Christ.  We want to teach, equip, and lead the youth on how to become better servants of God, and better servants to others as Christ commanded us all.  We want them to feel safe and have them know that they have an alternative to what this world tries to hand them.  We want to help the youth of today live in relationship with Jesus Christ, and if they already have one, help them increase in and deepen their relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit. If you have any questions please contact us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FCyouthministries/ , or you can comment on our posts. Thank you                         fb_img_1473875964316youth-ministry

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